Cinco De Mayo Miami Dade Car Crash

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It's time to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! Even though it is a Mexican holiday and Miami has a majority Cuban population, it is still a big celebration with all the spanish speakers and everyone else who likes to drink and party. There will be tacos and tequila and margaritas galore! The biggest festival is at Cinco De Mayo Brickell, but everywhere from South Beach Miami Beach to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach will be partying hardy all through the weekend. And of course, with all the drinking and unfortunately driving, there will be a lot a car accidents. Drinking and driving isn't the only problem of course. People will also be texting and driving and talking on the cellphone while driving. Mix them all together and you have a Cinco De Mayo mess! 

You may still be involved in a car crash even if you are walking. Drunk drivers hitting pedestrians is an all too common occurrence especially during big fiestas when everyone is out and about and drinking. Pedestrians and bicyclists, motorcyclists and all drivers trying to make their way through South Florida traffic during this 2016 Cinco De Mayo celebration need to keep their eyes on the road and their hands upon the wheel. But if you are involved in an accident crash, call 911 and then 1 800 411 Pain. They are the original attorney referral service in South Florida. The biggest and best, 411 Pain has been helping Miami car crash accident victims since 1995. Don't wait til it's too late! Program 1-800-411-Pain into your phone now and be prepared. 

Miami Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney Referral

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Rainy season is coming! Rainy season is coming! Time to break out your raincoasts and galoshes! Time to check the tread on your tires. Time to check your brakes. Rainy season in South Florida means lots of puddles and slick roads. It's the time of year where many people are involved in car crashes and motorcycle accidents. No one is immune - trucks, buses, bicyclists and pedestrians are at equal risk with cars and motorcycles for crashes and collisions when the rain falls and the roads are wet and slippery. The best thing to do is make sure you pay attention to the weather and don't drive unless you have to. If you absolutely must travel in rain and wind, make sure you are alert. Stay well rested, fed and hydrated. And of course, remain calm. If you come across a huge puddle, observe if the cars in front of you are able to get through with no problem. Make sure your car is able to handle the amount of water. If it seems safe to proceed, do not go over 10 mph. Slow and steady. Don't break when you're going through a puddle - go slow enough that you won't have to. If there is no one ahead of you to judge the puddle, TURN AROUND! DON'T DROWN! If you don't know, don't go! 

If you're driving on a wet road and get into a crash, you need to be prepared. Have 1 800 411 Pain programmed into your phone. 411 Pain is an attorney referral service that has been helping victims of car accidents for 20 years. They can help you fing the best personal injury attorney in Clearwater, Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Tallahassee, Fort Myers and all over the state of Florida as well as Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Michigan. By calling the 411 Pain attorney referral network, you can be assured that you will get the best experienced professional aggressive legal representation in your area. Need a Clearwater car accident attorney? You'll get the top lawyer for your case. Need a Tampa Bay personal injury lawyer? 411 Pain will get you to the best! In Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Pinellas, Hillsborough counties, one call does it all! After 911, call 411! 1-800-411-Pain

Road Rage IED Tampa Bay Miami Dade

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When people think of road rage, the first places that come to mind are L.A.,N.Y. and South Florida. Not only do these areas have some of the worst traffic congestion in the country, but they are known for having high strung impatient people.  New studies have come out that explain road rage not as just a term for these type of people but as an actual disorder called Intermittent Explosive Disorder or IED. This disorder is characterized by extreme aggression that is too much in proportion to the actual event or events that set off the reaction. It has been determined that many people who commit road rage actually suffer from IED. These people can be diagnosed by exhibiting characteristics such as screaming and yelling over something trivial three times a week, or exhibiting violent behavior such as damaging property or persons/animals three times a year. Behavioral symptoms of Intermittent Explosive Disorder are angry outbursts, verbal aggression, physical aggression, attacking people and/or property, damaging property and/or people or animals and road rage. Approximately 7.3% of adults have IED which translates to about 16 million Americans! Road rage causes many car crashes and motorcycle accidents in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Clearwater and all over Florida. Someone cuts someone off, or almost smacks into then because they didn't check their blind spot - and then the almost victim has a fit of rage and tails them and tries to run them off the road. This can result in severe injury or even death. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident caused by a person in a fit or road rage or IED, call 411 Pain to be put in contact with an experienced personal injury attorney in Clearwater or Miami. 1 800 411 Pain  is the number to call for the original and best attorney referral service in South Florida. If you are a victim of and IED road rage crash, you need experienced aggressive legal representation. The 411 Pain Florida Attorney Referral Service will get you the help that you need after a crash.

The Truth About 411 Pain Lawyer Referral Service Florida

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411 Pain is a lawyer referral service serving all of Florida. If you are in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa or Clearwater and have been in a car crash, you need a personal injury attorney. A car accident attorney in Clearwater, a car accident lawyer, a Tampa Bay personal injury attorney - these are experienced professionals who offer expert legal counsel to guide you through the confusing litigation of car accident law suits and insurance company issues.  411 Pain has been helping car crash victims in Clearwater Florida and the Tampa Bay area for nearly 20 years. They are the best at what they do - finding you the right lawyer for your case. All of their Clearwater personal injury attorneys provide agressive legal representation. Why trust the phonebook or a billboard - or someone's website telling you that they're the best? How do you know who to believe? It's always a good idea to trust a name that's been around for a long time. That tells you that they're doing something right! 411 Pain's beginnings go back to Davie Florida in 1995. They have continually expanded to help more people get their lives back on course after a crash. They constantly give back to the communities in Florida especially helping children in need. If you live in the Tampa Bay area, or if you're a snowbird in Clearwater or vacationing on Clearwater Beach for the holidays and have the misfortune of getting into a car crash, motorcycle accident or any other vehicular collision, 411 Pain is THEE name to call for a Tampa Bay personal injury attorney. Don't be fooled by lawfirms claiming that they're the best. They ALL say that! 411 Pain is the original and best - the proven leaders for getting YOU the BEST car accident lawyer in Clearwater, Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale. Car crash? Be SMART! Be PREPARED! Program 1-800-411-Pain into your phone. Hopefully you'll never need it. But if you do, you'll be glad they're there for you.

Christmas, New Years - Car Crash 411 Pain

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Christmas, New Years - Car Crash? 411 Pain!  The only number you need this holiday season is 1-800-411-PAIN! All the Floridians are gonna party it up! And all the snowbirds are gonna party it up! And all the tourists are gonna party it up! That means a lot of car accidents happening in Florida. Lucky thing that Florida is home to the original and best legal and medical referral service 411 Pain! What that means is that all these injured drunk people can have one number programmed into their phone and everything will be alright! They will get the proper medical treatment and the best aggressive personal injury attorney for their case. Beats looking in a phone book or online when you don't even know the area! And the locals know to call 411 Pain - they've been serving South Florida for 20 years! No one cares more and gives back more to the Florida community than Robert Lewin and 411 Pain!

This year, are you gonna party on South Beach? Somewhere else on Miami Beach, like Lincoln Road or Ocean Drive? Maybe you're gonna ne in Fort Lauderdale on Las Olas. Maybe you're gonna be at Mizner Park in Boca Raton. Or on Clematis in West Palm Beach? Key West always knows how to party! Key Biscayne and Key Largo are warm places to chill on the holidays. Maybe you'll be a little farther north in Port St Lucie. Or on the west side in Naples or Ft Myers. Mickey Mouse always knows how to party it up! Maybe you'll be with him this year in the Magic Kingdom. Or clubbin it up in Orlando. Don't forget Tampa Bay to lead the way! Or maybe you'll have a good ole fashioned Southern Christmas in Tallahassee or Jacksonville. Gainesville and Ocala always have something for everyone too. 

Wherever you may roam, whatever you may do, enjoy the wonderful weather and fun in the Sunshine State this Christmas and New Years - and Chanukah too! And remember - if your car or truck gets hit - you get in an accident - don't be lame - remember the name - call 1-800-411-Pain! 

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